14th February, 2012

A valentines message to non-profits

I charities …

  1. When I am told how the money I donated was used and what difference it helped to make.
  2.  When beneficiaries are properly involved in how activities are delivered.
  3.  When digital media is used as a forum for engagement with supporters, not exclusively as a tool for self-promotion.
  4.  When the board fully understands their responsibilities and invests time in self-improvement.
  5.  When I can find out what the charity wants to achieve over their next planning cycle.
  6.  When there is an engaged and dynamic leader who speaks directly to me through blogs, tweets, emails, letters, videos etc.
  7.  When opportunities for collaboration are genuinely sought to strengthen activities.
  8.  When values are consistently upheld at all levels – from fundraising to management, and partnerships to charitable activities.

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