17th June, 2016

Evaluation and impact showcase: CLIC Sargent

One of the things I like most about evaluations is talking to beneficiaries.  Its how you really begin to understand what impact a service has on a person, and their stories stay with me long after the evaluation has ended.

With CLIC Sargent, I worked with an associate, Lori Streich, to evaluate their (enhanced) social care service for young people with cancer.  We spoke to 37 young people with cancer, through interviews and focus groups, as well as eight partner agencies.

It may be a cliché to say how humbling the experience was, but it is absolutely true.  As young people told us about how they adjusted to “the new normal” after their diagnosis and treatment,  we were struck by their resilience and reminded of the difference that a person – in this case a Social Worker or Community Worker – can have on another person at “the worst time of their life”.

Key findings of the evaluation

  • Young people told us that the service is flexible and tailored to their needs.
  • The support given enabled young people to feel “less stressed”, “able to look to the future” and helped to “rebuild confidence” after a shattering diagnosis and sometimes debilitating treatment.
  • Young people also received financial support, including grants and access to welfare advice, which gave them more independence, made them feel “less needy” and alleviated stress on the whole family.
  • Workers provided advice and information to help young people maintain or return to education, employment or training, which meant that they did not lose their jobs or were able to complete studies.
  • The service should be extended so that it is available to more young people, particularly those being treated outside of a principal treatment centre.

How impact was presented

When we undertake an evaluation we like to present our findings in an engaging way, so that outcomes can be distributed to funders, donors, beneficiaries and partners.  For CLIC Sargent we created an infographic and prezi-presentation to demonstrate impact and bring our findings to life.


Infographic of evaluation and outcomes achieved

We also produced a prezi-video of the evaluation, which you can view below.

You can download the executive summary of the report here.  It was an honour to work with CLIC Sargent; you can read more about their excellent work here.

Image credit: Black_And_White_by_JustAnotherLostDream

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