1st November, 2014

Evaluation showcase: Edible Bankside

I was thrilled to evaluate Edible Bankside, a community food-growing project in London, SE1, from Bankside Open Spaces Trust (BOST).  I always try to present information in an engaging and visual way so that clients can send details about their impact to funders and supporters, and include evidence of the difference they make in annual reports and newsletters.

This evaluation included three main outputs for differing audiences:



This infographic (produced by the client’s designer) was shown to funders of the project, who were duly impressed.


Prezi presentation

Prezi is a wonderful free tool to show presentations in an engaging way; it is highly recommended to bring some pazazz to your communications.   This presentation was exported to YouTube (using screencast software).  BOST showed the presentation at their AGM to great success, and will use it to showcase their work at a forthcoming conference.




Different audiences have different needs – some people want to drill-down into the findings – so there’s very much still a place for the full report, which can be downloaded below.

Edible Bankside report


Client feedback

The client was delighted with the outputs of the evaluation:

“The report, infographic and prezi were all extremely well received, demonstrated BOST’s professionalism, and helped very clearly to show the value of the project. The infographic in particular was welcomed and very useful to give a snapshot of the value of the project and open up discussion about the benefits of urban food growing.”

Do get in touch if you’d like a free, no obligation quote for a visually engaging evaluation of your project.



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