11th February, 2014

Give your donors some lovin’

At first I was cynical – another marketing ploy, I scoffed.

And then I saw everyone else was doing it, so I became curious.

So I clicked.

And quite literally, I cried.  Tears rolled down my face as I reflected on the joys that the last seven years have brought me.

What am I talking about?

That darn Facebook campaign where they craftily compiled a one-minute video for every user, to celebrate their 10th anniversary.

But why was it so clever?

It wasn’t about Facebook at all; it was about me.

The photos of my hen do, our wedding, telling my friends that I was pregnant, the birth of my two children (I’m welling up again now, just thinking about it).

And it got me thinking, why don’t more non-profits do the same?  Why are the e-mails and newsletters I receive through the post so ‘meh’?

It’s because they don’t talk to me.  Even the salutation on the charity emails I receive don’t generally call me by name.

How amazing would it be if, as a donor, I received a letter or email reflecting on my support of my favourite cause?

Just picture it:

“Emma, you first supported us in 2004.  Do you remember what triggered your initial donation?  Since then you’ve donated £X to help people like XXX, who has XXX.  With your money we’ve been able to do XXX.  Thank you, Emma. You’ve helped to make this possible.  Where will your support take us over the next 10 years?  We’d like to cure/end XXX.  Will you help us, Emma?”

Talk to me as if I am an individual; not one of many donor IDs.  Don’t try to sell me the cause; tap in to my connection with the cause.  Because then … I’m putty in your hands.

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching.  Once you look past all the commercial brouhaha, isn’t it about telling someone what they mean to you and reminding them of why they fell in love with you in the first place?

You know the call to action … go on, tell your donors.

I’m a real person too – get in touch if you need some help connecting with your supporters.







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