28th November, 2011

Information at your fingertips

Evernote has literally transformed the way I process and recall information. Think of it as a brain download available on every smart phone and computer you use.

I use Evernote to keep track of ideas for blog posts, tweets, articles, travel itineries and web clippings. Notes can be encrypted, to function as a password tool.

Utilising the camera on a smart phone I take photographs of flipcharts, wine labels and even photographs of my son’s artwork that just can’t fit on the fridge any longer. All of this can be recalled in an instant using the tag and search function.

All of this is available free. However, the premium account (just $5 per month) allows you to share notes and search content within PDFs.

There’s something to be said for freeing up your mind from information-overload so that it can concentrate on the really important things.

So if you are constantly searching through reams of paper for that important post-it or wondering on what website you saw that great stat, why not give Evernote a try?

For more tips and information about how to use Evernote, check out the business applications on their blog.

I first fell in love with Evernote after seeing this Digitwirl video (Digitwirl is also one of my secret weapons for keeping up to date with how new technology can make my life easier).


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